28. November 2023

Reichmuth Infrastructure and MW Storage are building a 100 MW battery storage power plant

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Today, Reichmuth Infrastructure, a leading Swiss asset management company specialized in infrastructure investments in the mid-cap segment, announced the conclusion of a contract for the construction of a 100 MW battery storage plant in Arzberg (Wunsiedel, Bavaria). In addition to Reichmuth Infrastructure, constituting the project’s majority shareholder, and MW Storage Fund acting as the anchor investor, energy company Bayernwerk and Zukunftsenergie Nordostbayern GmbH (ZENOB) participate as minority stakeholders. For Reichmuth Infrastructure this project constitutes the second project in Franconia, following the opening of the Fuchsstadt wind park in April of this year.

MW Storage, in addition to its participation through the fund with the same name, serves as the project developer and will construct the lithium-ion battery storage power plant in Arzberg. The facility has a connection capacity of 100 megawatts and a storage capacity of 200 megawatt-hours. As a result, the battery is one of the largest facilities under construction in Germany, a country with unutilized headroom for developing and expanding its storage capacities. Pioneers in Europe include countries such as the United Kingdom and Spain, the latter of which has recently defined and developed a national strategy for battery storage power plants.

Both Reichmuth Infrastructure and MW Storage are already setting the course for the future energy market: With the establishment of the facility in Arzberg, the project partners are financing crucial infrastructure for the energy transition. The realization of the energy transition requires not only the expansion of renewable energy but also a significant increase in storage capacities. Since power generation from renewables such as wind or solar energy is intermittent, meaning production may fluctuate significantly due to external factors, battery storage is indispensable to balance the grid.