08. December 2023

Reichmuth Infrastructure and Meeberg Group join forces

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Reichmuth Infrastructure, a pan-European infrastructure asset manager, has successfully completed another investment in the intermodal logistics and leasing sector by acquiring a stake in Meeberg Holding B.V. (“Meeberg Group” or the “Company”) on behalf of its newly launched Clean Mobility Fund. Reichmuth Infrastructure and Meeberg Group are delighted to join forces with the aim to bring the Company to the next level by increasing, and further diversifying, its ISO tank leasing fleet and operations.

By entering into this trusted cooperation with Meeberg Group, Reichmuth Infrastructure seizes the opportunity to further expand and grow its intermodal equipment leasing footprint. “We are thrilled to be part of Meeberg Group’s journey and believe in the strength of their business model. As the demand for efficient and sustainable bulk liquid transportation solutions continues to surge globally, ISO tanks have emerged as one of the most environmentally friendly methods for transporting bulk liquids, and Meeberg Group is well-positioned to capitalize on these opportunities. This investment aligns perfectly with our focus on fostering sustainable infrastructure solutions, backing solid businesses with proven success and promising growth potential, and we are confident in the Company’s ability to navigate and thrive in the ISO tanks industry.”, Stefan Hasenbӧhler (CEO, Reichmuth Infrastructure) comments.