Terms of use

Please read carefully the following terms of use and legal notice for the Reichmuth & Co Investment Management AG website before proceeding.

By accessing the website of Reichmuth & Co Investment Management (hereinafter referred to as “RIMAG”) with the services, products, views, documents, functions and other information contained or described therein (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Information”), you declare that you have understood these general terms of use and acknowledge their legally binding effect.

If you have not understood these terms of use or do not fully agree with them, please refrain from using the RIMAG website and its pages any further. Additional provisions apply to specific areas of the RIMAG website, in particular for access to information about services and product documentation. In the event of any inconsistencies, the special provisions shall take precedence.

Access restrictions

The RIMAG website is not directed at any individual or legal entity subject to a jurisdiction where, by reason of such a person’s residence or nationality, access to this website or any information contained therein is restricted or prohibited. It is the users’ responsibility to inform themselves about the existing restrictions. This applies for example to persons of U.S. nationality or whose residence or registered office is in the United States of America. Access to this website is prohibited for persons to whom such restrictions apply. In addition, certain services and products described on the RIMAG website are subject to restrictions that may arise in particular due to place of residence or registered office, nationality, client segmentation, financial circumstances, special investment objectives or special requirements of specific users. It is therefore possible that certain services and products presented on the RIMAG website may not be permitted, appropriate or suitable for you.

Subject to change

The terms of use, legal notice and all information on the RIMAG website may be updated, changed or deleted at any time without prior notice or explanation. Therefore please read the current terms of use before accessing our website. This also applies in particular to the specific legal information regarding the services and products described on the RIMAG website.

Intellectual property rights

All content, graphics and information on the RIMAG website belong exclusively and in their entirety to RIMAG (copyright and other rights), unless otherwise stated. They may be downloaded and printed out for private use. The reproduction, use or further dissemination of any elements, in whole or in part, for non-private purposes is prohibited without the prior written consent of RIMAG.

No offer, advice or recommendation

The information, views and documents published on the RIMAG website are for information purposes only. They do not constitute an offer or a solicitation to buy or sell products, nor a recommendation to engage in other transactions or to conclude any legal transaction. It is expressly stated that no advice is given via the RIMAG website. The information is also not intended as an aid to making decisions about legal, tax, economic or other questions. Before making a decision based on the information on our website, please consult a qualified specialist at RIMAG.

Accessing the RIMAG website does not make you a client of RIMAG, nor does it create a business relationship between you and RIMAG.

Advertising for services and financial instruments is indicated as such.


RIMAG is not obliged to accept or execute orders, withdrawals from orders, authorisations for business transactions or other declarations of legal effect (e.g. payment orders, changes of address or the blocking of accounts or credit cards) that are transmitted to it via the RIMAG website. Excepted are any special agreements between you and RIMAG, as well as specific contact options (e.g. order forms for publications). RIMAG reserves the right to reject orders that do not comply with the Bank’s internal regulations or the regulatory requirements, at any time and without giving reasons, and to cancel orders that have already been placed. The Bank accepts no liability for losses arising from orders not executed on time or rejected orders.

Exclusion of warranty and liability

RIMAG takes all reasonable care to ensure that the information this website contains is accurate and complete at the time of publication. However, RIMAG does not make any warranty explicitly or tacitly as to its accuracy, reliability, timeliness or completeness. Past performance of financial instruments is no indicator of future performance. Asset value can increase or decrease. In extreme cases, all invested capital could be lost. Investments in foreign currencies may also be subject to currency fluctuations.

RIMAG provides no warranty that access to the RIMAG website or individual functions of it will be available without interruption and free of errors or that any errors will be corrected, and it cannot rule out the possibility that viruses or other harmful elements might be transmitted when using the RIMAG website.

To the extent permitted by law, RIMAG does not accept any liability for direct and/or indirect losses or consequential losses, such as loss of profit, or claims by third parties arising from accessing the RIMAG website or using the information that it contains. Furthermore, RIMAG shall not be liable for minor or moderate negligence.

RIMAG shall also not be liable for any losses incurred by users as a result of transmission errors, breakdowns, technical faults, malfunctions or interference by third parties in the information transmission facilities. Likewise, RIMAG does not accept any liability for losses resulting from malfunctions, interruptions (including system-related maintenance work) or overloads of the website.

No responsibility is assumed for the information on linked third-party websites.

Data privacy and data use

If you provide us with personal data such as name, gender, address, e-mail or telephone number by means of a form or in any other way via the RIMAG website, RIMAG may use this data for the purposes set out in the data protection declaration.

By submitting the data, users grant RIMAG the right to process the information within the Bank, for example for marketing purposes.

You will find more information about data privacy in our privacy policy.

Data security

The RIMAG website allows you to send electronic messages to RIMAG, and to subscribe to the newsletter. When using the RIMAG website and when communicating by electronic means, your data is transmitted over an open, generally accessible network. This means that the data may also be transmitted across borders, even if both the sender and recipient are located in Switzerland.

RIMAG accepts no liability for the security of data during its transmission via electronic media. Because the data which you transmit to RIMAG, or arrange to have transmitted by RIMAG, via an electronic medium, in particular via the Internet, e-mail, SMS etc., is usually sent in unencrypted form, it may be possible for unauthorised third parties to intercept, modify or view this data, or it may get lost. These unauthorised third parties may then be able to draw conclusions about existing or future business relationships. Therefore, please refrain from sending us confidential information via electronic media without first consulting us.

Moreover, RIMAG expressly refers to the risk of viruses and the possibility of attacks by hackers. To protect against viruses, RIMAG recommends that you use the latest version of your browser and install antivirus software with the latest current updates as well as a firewall. As a rule, you should avoid opening any e-mails of unknown origin or attachments that are not expected.

Images used on the website

Please be aware that the images displayed on the RIMAG website may be symbolic images that do not correspond to the actual situation.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

Use of the RIMAG website is subject exclusively to Swiss law, which applies to the interpretation, use and consequences of these terms of use. Any disputes in connection with this website or its use shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Lucerne.